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Activities 2011

Meeting with MP Michel Pharaon
Parlement Italien 11012011
Ministre Franco Frattini 11012011
Elizabetta Belloni 11012011
Celebrations 14022011
Celebrations 14022011
Celebrations 14 Février 2011
Meeting with MP Ziad Kaderi 24052011
Meeting with UN Coordinator Michael Williams
Meeting with Ahmad El Assaad 07062011
Chinese ambassador Zexian Wu
Christian Deputies 13052011
Meeting with US Ambassador Maura Connelly 17062011
Meeting with President Najib Mikati 18052011
Christian Deputies 13052011
Meeting with Minister Nayla Moawad 26052011
Meeting with Former Minister Nayla Moawad 26052011
Député Nayla Moawad 26052011